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​Cre8iveSkill was established in the year 1998, in the Heart of India, Nagpur, Maharashtra with the name, ‘Motif Digital Embroidery’ with 2 Toyota single head machines with 12 needles and Compucon digitizing embroidery software. As it was a new technology, we had to train ourselves as Embroidery Digitizers, Technicians and Operators and further training our workforce for the same to generate employment and production. Soon, we were acknowledged by companies and got major contacts from ‘BarbieDoll’ and various t-shirt manufacturers. As time went by and the company started to move forward, we started to digitally embroider all of sorts of products from a handkerchief to Indian ethnic wear[1]. The company grew from 2 single head machines to 14 such machines and generating employment.


At present, Cre8iveSkill has 172 head machines of the most sophisticated brand from Korea, having attachments like Cording, Sequin and Chenille.

A new company ‘New Leaf Digitz’ was established to provide online embroidery digitizing services, with a team of highly skilled embroidery digitizers, to clients all over the world.

New Leaf Digitz specializes in logo digitization, 3D puff embroidery, color blending, appliqué embroidery, embroideries for bridal wear and home furnishing with facilities like Chenille, Cording and Sequin using best in business software’s like Wilcom E3.


Cre8iveSkill is an umbrella of services that provide vector graphic solutions, embroidery digitizing, computerized embroidery and contract garment manufacturing.

The firm is well aware of the deadlines and guarantee for the best quality is provided at competitive pricing with 12 hour turnaround time.


We put our heart and soul and work round the clock to provide you with the best of services. Read more about our services


In 2016 we created a new company named “Cre8iveSkill” and brought every service under its umbrella.


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