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Digitizing embroidery Vector art conversion 3D embroidery digitizing
Digitizing Embroidery, Vector Art Conversion, 3D Embroidery Digitizing
August 13, 2019
Evergreen embroideries Today Tomorrow & Forever
September 16, 2019

What comes to your mind when you think about the world 20 years from now? Variety of things, I am sure. Who doesn’t like the idea of flying cars and holidaying on Mars! But I get really excited to even think the Future of Fashion [1]. What all inventions and advancements would be taken up and how the world will accept the change and Revolution in the Fashion Industry.

We are very privileged to be associated with such an industry which is immensely creative and profitable to start-ups. Fashion industry is not only creative but also technologically sound, and regular advancements are being made to bridge the gap between manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. As there are always two sides to every coin, the technology advancements and artificial intelligence reduces man power and eases the costs and regulates mass production. On the other hand, puts millions of jobs at risk in more than 50+ countries for the manufacturing sector individually.

Sourcing is another aspect of a fashion business, which is the process of determining HOW and FROM WHERE the manufactured goods or components will be procured at low-cost with the best quality. Materials exclusively incorporate piece products that will be cut and converted into final products.

Cre8tiveSkill - Why Digitization

                                         Cre8iveSkill – Why Digitization

The Sourcing model can be divided into 2 main areas:

First, Digitization, which is a process of converting provided information into digital format, in which the information is organized into bits. It digitally houses all the information, allowing cost analysis to be done hastily and digital artworks of products to reduce the need for expensive prototypes.

Second, Automation, is a type of technology that requires minimum human assistance.

Emergence of both these models makes significant transformation as manufacturing has traditionally been a globetrotter, with brands and factories hurtling from country to country in search of ever-cheap labor.

The Old Paradigm in sourcing was always ‘Let’s get it cheaper, Let’s go to a less developed country’, which is why manufacturing of fashion goods have moved from west to eastern Europe, to China and now to South East Asia and Africa. It has been the Caravan of Sourcing.

Every brand or factory strives for increased transparency, shorter lead times, more flexibility and increasing productivity. All of this can be provided if brands and factories collaborate with small vendors and it is DIGITIZATION that will make the entire process more efficient.

Cre8iveSkill, a 2-decade old digitization firm, strives to provide its customers with exquisite designs, fine and detailed work, 12 hours turnaround time with competitive prices as per the International Quality Standards. Not only digitization embroidery but also services like vector graphics are also provided at market challenging prices with best quality.

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State of Art Infrastructure of Cre8iveSkill – Factory Tour

Cre8iveSkill also houses highly skilled designers and digitizers and single and multi-head digitizing embroidery machines to ensure more efficient production.

To know more, please visit the company website – Cre8iveSkill


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